Sunday, June 27, 2010

Start Day One

Ok, Truth be told this is far from day one. It is like the 300th or more day one. But here I am, determined to make it work again. So what will make this time differnt from all of the others? A true plan.

I am starting on my Isagenix journey. I decided to go with the Diabetes Friendly Pack but I am adding cleanse days. I will start my day with a shake with IsaPro added. Most likely a chocolate shake. If I have a vanilla shake I will also add IsaFruits.

For an afternoon snake I will have a Fibre snake cake. And of course a sensible 400 - 600 calorie meal. I will focus on healthy lean proteins.

So, two shakes a day, one meal, planned snacks, vitamins, and plenty of water.

Off I go, start in the morning and I will post my blood sugar numbers when ever I post and my weight once a week.